Asian Music Festival 2011

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Many thanks to all who supported the Asian Music Festival at Grace Cathedral.  It kicked of with a small Tibetan bowl and was a whirlwind of music and dance, ending with some tasty treats and green tea on the plaza.

 I play each Sunday at Sei Ko Kai, (a Japanese Episcopal Church) so I knew that I wanted my contribution to the festival to originate from Japan. It is crucial and our job as performers to introduce new composers, styles and music to our audience. Pushing the boundary of expectation and acceptance. So I decided to perform works by two Japanese composers, still alive and active in the music industry: Keiko Matsui and Joe Hisaishi.

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 Although both were relatively new discoveries for me, they have had huge success for over thirty years: Matsui in the world of smooth jazz and Hisaishi predominantly in film.  On visiting Matsui’s website I managed to locate downloadable sheet music for her lyrical “Forever, Forever”.  And I fell in love with Hisaishi’s “Asian Dream Song” and thereafter spend many painstaking hours on youtube transcribing and arranging this piece, originally performed with strings. (my days of transcribing prior to youtube I am happy to forget you)

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 It was definitely a challenge playing and adapting to the fabulous acoustics, and an interesting comparison between the sound I heard while playing and the audio from the video footage. But a fantastic experience to play at Grace Cathedral, expose the highly appreciative audience to new sounds and most importantly raise funds for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan.



 Photos courtesy of Kenji Nakai. More photos from the Asian Music Festival can be found on his photo stream.

 If you would like to donate or to request more information on the Tohoku Diocese in Sendai, Japan please contact 

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