Foodies! The Musical

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Foodies! The Musical 

by Morris Bobrow 

produced by AWAT Productions

Currently in its 2nd year! Get tickets


Now featuring... 

David Goodwin, Rana Kangas-Kent, Kim Larsen, Deborah Russo, 

Angela Dwyer (pianist), Jim McCunn (stage manager/lights) 


"A funny revue - tuneful and tasty! Food gets a savage yet playful skewering." -SF Examiner

Don't miss Foodies! The Musical. You'll laugh yourself hungry.” -KGO Radio


LOGO Jul 22 red green frame2-742x233

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The show for everyone who eats.

Featuring: David Goodwin, Sara Hauter, Kim Larsen, Deborah Russo, Angela Dwyer (pianist), Jim McCunn (stage manager/lights)


"Everybody's gotta eat, but not everybody can laugh at it.  Learn how it's done from the talented cast of Foodies! The Musical.  Nobody's food habits are sacred around this crew of singer/actors assembled by the award-winning composer and lyricist Morris Bobrow.  If you eat and drink, and if your friends do, Foodies! is for you.  Grab a date with a sense of humor and get your tickets now." -San Francisco Theater District

"Don't miss this opportunity for a unique, laugh-filled hour filled with unforgettable tunes by the very talented Morris Bobrow, composer of Shopping! The Musical and Party of 2 - The Mating Musical. The cast worktogether as a team and yet each one shines in his own way.  The music is hummable and never detracts from the movement on stage.  The show is as marvelous to watch as it is to hear.  It doesn't get much better that." -For All Events

"Foodies! The Musical is a tuneful, beautifully paced little musical that will run forever. The lyrics by Morris Bobrow are clever and sophisticated. ...Four very talented singers sing and pontificate about the ubiquitous obsession with food. They skewer eating habits, restaurants, trends, quirks, Yelp reviews, dietary restrictions, cooking shows, overzealous food writers, Groupons, eating in the car, food trucks and food critics.You'll laugh yourself hungry." -Talkin' Broadway

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