Scale Schedules (ABRSM Piano)

I always sat ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) examinations, throughout my teens and vividly remember getting overwhelmed by all the scales and technique requirements, especially as the material increased per grade and the exam grew closer.  It’s tough even as adults to organize and manage everything we have to get done, to make sure we are checking every box, and even more so for younger students.  

So I decided to design a practice schedule that would cover all scale requirements each week, by merely doing a few each day.  Sounds so simple, and it is.  It makes the scale mountain not seem so high and I have found if students have a structure to stick to… they usually do.    

It lists the scales and arpeggios, whether hands are together, separate or both, and how many octaves they cover. Looking at the Grade 3 example above, we can see that Day 1 involves practicing: A major scale (similar motion), A major arpeggios and A major scale (contrary motion). 

Perhaps there has been a day where the student was unable to practice, Day 7 can be used to make-up that time.  Or ask them to evaluate their own playing over the week, what scale do they feel shaky on? or what arpeggio is hitting the occasional wrong note? and Day 7 can be used to re-do those. 

FREE Scale Schedule Downloads

ABRSM Grade 1 Scale Schedule

ABRSM Grade 2 Scale Schedule

ABRSM Grade 3 Scale Schedule

ABRSM Grade 4 Scale Schedule

ABRSM Grade 5 Scale Schedule

Practice Schedules are in pdf format, so can be loaded onto a tablet or printed out.  You can find other teaching resources at Downloads.  Happy practicing!

UPDATE 10/16/14

Tempo markings now listed on the practice schedules.

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