Winter Wonders

I recently had a beginner student tell me how she loved Frozen.  I am sure there is not a piano teacher out there who hasn’t had to make an easy arrangement or add these very popular songs to their teaching repertoire.  But this student was on Primer Level, just learning where to find the notes on the piano, had just learned quarter, half and whole notes, but that was it. 

So I set about making a primer arrangement of "Do you want to build a snowman?" Because if there’s one thing that Frozen has given me as a piano teacher, it’s very enthusiastic and practice ready students!   

How to build the snowman

The song uses both hands in C position, with the LH crossing over at one point, so not much moving.  

I actually was able to gently introduce the concept of legato playing using the imagery of one sound melting into the next sound.  The introduction of the LH cross over as a snowflake also allows the student to take care in placing the A and keeping a relaxed wrist.    (TIP: If the LH C chord at the end is too much for the student to master, have them just play the C and G, and white out the E.)

Her next goal is to play “Let It Go”, and for this one she will be reading the notes on lines and spaces.

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